Lets Get Spooky

Get excited friends, Halloween is right around the corner! I hope your fabulous costume is ready and you've filled your candy bowl with treats for all those hungry little kiddies.

R & I will be attending a Halloween party tonight with alot of my foreign friends (and by foreign I mean Polish-- did I ever mention I was born there, if not, now you know).  Because most of them are totally oblivious to True Blood, we decided to go as something else becuase no one would know who we were, but no worries, we are saving those costumes for tomorrow.

For tonight's party, I am going to be "ghetto" (complete with corn rows, neck tattoo & bling bling) and R is going to be my coke dealing man-on-the-side.

Look for pics, from the festivities in a few days & I can't wait to see all of yours!


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Anonymous said...

sounds like so much fun! Cant wait to see all your pictures! = )