Its Official

We're Moving!!

And while I'm not excited to be paying rent and a cable bill, I am so freaking happy that I won't be living with my parents any longer! Don't get me wrong, Hanna and Pawel are great- they did birth me and all, but I would rather staple myself than live with them for another month. Not to mention, I get along with my parents much better when I'm not under their roof. (Hanna gives me attitude when I crack open A beer- its like I'm drinking bleach or something... "your too young to drink" ummmmm hello I'm 22, remember?)

I can't wait to decorate the new apt, which is a super cute, vintage style, 2 bedroom- complete with hardwood floors, faux fireplace, & did I mention it's basically on the lake? It's not only bigger than our past apt, it's also wayy cheaper (proabaly because the company I work for owns the building and because I'm the best office admin EVER, they cut me a sweet deal) I also love that every-single-tenant- living in this building has a dog, so Bear and Zeb will have plenty of furry friends running around.

Tentative move-in date is Nov 3rd, and the big move happens on the 5th. The best part of this whole thing might be that R has agreed to let me redo all our furniture DIY style!! I'm so excited that our furniture will finally match, plus with the lack of wedding stuff to keep me busy I've been very bored lately. (Anyone need invitations, flower, or centerpieces made? ANYTHING???)  Hopefully our next move will be to my future Floridian Palace-- keep your fingers crossed!


Layla said...

WOW!! This is so exciting!!

Do tell about the move, how it goes! And I will be thrilled to read about your appartment! (And see pics?;)

Jodes said...

"I would rather staple myslef" hahaha!
My first apartment was called my 'freedom apartment'. It's the best. Bills do kind of suck, but the first night in my girlfriends and I ran aroundin our underwear, ate ice cream for dinner and danced to CSS to break the place in properly.
Decorating is so good - but, trust me you will never stop finding things that would look good in your place - so addictive.

I'm going to look into that book - it sounds so good!
Especially since I think I have to have been Native American in another life.Haha.

Love & Light, sweetheart!