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As it turns out, when everything starts to suck... all you need is a little David Bowie in your life.

Okay... so maybe, David Bowie doesn't actually solve problems.
He is, however, still kick ass.
Wouldn't it be nice though...

Before my blogging vacation, life sucked. I bitched, and whined, and pretty much sat on my ass and waited for my "break". Do you ever do that? Sometimes, I feel like especially bad shit happens to me, and if enough goes wrong, eventually God will cut me a "break".
Lame, I know-
but I'm only human.

Since my last post,
Alot of stuff has changed around here.
Here's the abridged version in list form:

1. Job pt. 1
2. Debt
3. Job pt. 2
4. House hunting
5. School
6. Babies


Lets do a bit of a blog series, shall we...

#1. I lost my job.

On the first day that I was supposed to go back to work after R & I got back from vacation in Florida, actually. I was dreading going back because I fucking hated my job anyway. I got in early, and left 5 mins later- jobless. Long story short, I got laid-off... basically forever.

Was I upset-- not really. Happy-- sorta. I was desperatly searching for a new job anyway, I just planned on having it before quitting the shitty one. To tell you the truth I didn't know how I felt. I've always left jobs in the past, not the other way around. I think I was in shock?? R was happy, because I think he may have hated my job more than I did... but also unhappy because it meant I wasn't going to be making any $crilla. My crappy ex- boss told me to apply for unemployment and they were sorry they had to let me go- the company wasn't making any money. I told him to stick it where the sun don't shine... okay not really, but I didn't apply for unemployment because I wanted nothing to do with those assholes
suddenly, I had alot more time to focus on said job search...


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