Happy Halloween


{Stay Safe my Loves}

{Wishin y'all lots of treats}


Lets Get Spooky

Get excited friends, Halloween is right around the corner! I hope your fabulous costume is ready and you've filled your candy bowl with treats for all those hungry little kiddies.

R & I will be attending a Halloween party tonight with alot of my foreign friends (and by foreign I mean Polish-- did I ever mention I was born there, if not, now you know).  Because most of them are totally oblivious to True Blood, we decided to go as something else becuase no one would know who we were, but no worries, we are saving those costumes for tomorrow.

For tonight's party, I am going to be "ghetto" (complete with corn rows, neck tattoo & bling bling) and R is going to be my coke dealing man-on-the-side.

Look for pics, from the festivities in a few days & I can't wait to see all of yours!



pardon my dust

I've never really seen satisfied with my blog's look since I started it, but I think I have finally figured out what I want to do to it. Please bear with me over the next week or so while im trying to figure things out!
Thanks Lovahs!


Its Official

We're Moving!!

And while I'm not excited to be paying rent and a cable bill, I am so freaking happy that I won't be living with my parents any longer! Don't get me wrong, Hanna and Pawel are great- they did birth me and all, but I would rather staple myself than live with them for another month. Not to mention, I get along with my parents much better when I'm not under their roof. (Hanna gives me attitude when I crack open A beer- its like I'm drinking bleach or something... "your too young to drink" ummmmm hello I'm 22, remember?)

I can't wait to decorate the new apt, which is a super cute, vintage style, 2 bedroom- complete with hardwood floors, faux fireplace, & did I mention it's basically on the lake? It's not only bigger than our past apt, it's also wayy cheaper (proabaly because the company I work for owns the building and because I'm the best office admin EVER, they cut me a sweet deal) I also love that every-single-tenant- living in this building has a dog, so Bear and Zeb will have plenty of furry friends running around.

Tentative move-in date is Nov 3rd, and the big move happens on the 5th. The best part of this whole thing might be that R has agreed to let me redo all our furniture DIY style!! I'm so excited that our furniture will finally match, plus with the lack of wedding stuff to keep me busy I've been very bored lately. (Anyone need invitations, flower, or centerpieces made? ANYTHING???)  Hopefully our next move will be to my future Floridian Palace-- keep your fingers crossed!


Halloween is the one night a year when you can dress like a total slut and no one can say anything about it.

Ohhhhhhhh Mean Girls.

The title of this post is actually a quote from the movie, which I totally want to watch now! Alas, this year, I will NOT be releasing my inner slut on Halloween, but I am going to dress like someone on T.V! So, without further ado...

I will be wearing this:

with these:

and this:

and look like:

Sookie Stackhouse from HBO's True Blood!

Before I start, if you haven't seen True Blood you NEED TO WATCH IT! It's one of my favorite shows :) My shirt has already arrived ($13 from Ebay) I've had the shorts for about 2 years, and I was a waitress for a loooooong time so I own the apron. Im thinking of maybe adding some bite marks to it? I love Halloween and dressing up :)  R is going to be Bill Compton a.k.a. Vampire Bill (Sookies lover) and NO I didn't force it on him! He likes the idea because all he really has to to is wear dark clothes and he doesn't really need an actual costume. He's a cheater, I know. So Lovah's, what are y'all going to be?


Spending Money Hurts So Good

If only money grew on trees...

While I should be saving money so that we can buy a house, I have been making a lot of purchases lately. Sure it's only a couple bucks: $13 for my "Merlotte's" t-shirt (because I'm going to be Sookie Stackhouse for halloween!) $55 for the Bearpaw boots which I totally needed, $65 for our thank you cards which I have yet to start writing out...

and now I find myself lusting over this beauty. I need want it. (really, really bad)

I think I can spare another $20, right?

I know you want one too, find it here. Thank you, White House | Black Market for being fabulous.



god bless whoever created midnight showings at movie theaters

Tonight, R & I have tickets to see this bad boy

Yes, Saw VI and more importantly, yes, at midnight.

I love going to midnight showings of movies. I love getting there super early. I love the excitement and anticipation. I love the ridiculously overpriced theatre food. But most of all, I love it when people dress up like characters from the movie.

My favorite midnight showing of all time would have to be a tie between Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets & The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I'll admit that I might have taken a picture with the teenage girl that had cut her hair and dyed it bleach blonde to look like Draco Malfoy's... and that I bought the "Cedric Lives" arm band she and her friends were selling... and that I recorded them acting out scenes from the book before the movie started. And you can't blame me for taking a picture of the really hot guy that looked like Legolas and setting it as the background on my cell phone, right? Theres just something about midnight showings of movies that I absolutely love, I can't help it!

So, because im a huge LOSER movie buff, I'm totally excited to see SAW VI, and im hoping someone dresses like Jigsaw or Amanda or at least carries around fake body parts or something. And if you think this is bad, wait til you hear what I have to say about New Moon!



My neighbors are the kind of people that would have double-hiccup/grunt sex

Before I begin I would like to note that this post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers & one sassy girl... check out the post that started it all: Sex:101.

Meet Kevin: Kevin is tall. He wears these every single day.

Seriously, everyday... including when it's snowing. He might weigh less than I do, which is pathetic. Every morning, Kevin wakes up, puts on the same pair of black mesh Adidas shorts with white stripes and goes outside to water his lawn. Actually, he waters the same spot for literally 15 minutes, even when its raining. Did I mention that the grass is perfectly fine? I'm not actually sure if he has a job because he is ALWAYS home. Kevin never has friends over, but I have seen his mother visit twice.

Kevin is married. Hiw wife is about 2.5 feet shorter than he is. She has blond hair. I don't know her name, come to think of it i've never actually heard her speak. We'll call her Mute Blonde. I think Mute Blonde works at a bank, at least that's what my nosey 13-year-old-sister told me. Like Kevin, she has a great sense of style. She wears black dress pants and a cardigan to work and changes into yoga pants & a cami when she gets home. Hey, at least she switches up the color of the yoga pants, right? Mute Blonde waters the "lawn spot" in the evening, after she gets home from work. Yes, she also waters it in the rain. I have never seen her friends of family over.

I have never heard Kevin speak to Mute Blonde. I have also never seen them touch each other/show affection. I mean, don't get me wrong... they obviously speak to each other, I've just never actually seen it happen. Kevin and Mute Blonde are probably somewhere around 26ish years old. They should be having a great time in bed, alas, the above leads me to believe their sex life sucks.

I wonder how they met. If it was magical & they knew they were soul mates... what types of dates they went on. I wonder how he proposed, and whether she said yes or wrote it on a post it note since she doesn't speak in public. They just seem so boring & weird...do you think they realize they are boring & weird? And for the love of God, what is the deal with the lawn spot? It's almost winter... the grass is going to die anyways.


Im Back!

I can't begin to express how amazing it feels to have nothing to do.

R and I have oficially been married for 8 days now and for the past 8 days I have laid around the house, caught up on my tv shows thanks to the internet, read, drank lots of wine, eaten way too much food.

and did I mention slept. alot.

People keep asking me how it feels to be married. I don't think it feels any different. I mean, I've been with R for the past 5ish years, we've already lived together, so it wasn't really that different. I came home from our mini-moon and did 8 loads of laundry. Same old with a little extra bling bling I guess.

But anyways, now that I'm wed I have no more excuses and I promise to actually post on my blog! Oh and I'm also making my big comeback to the gym tomorrow haha. See you tomorrow people!

-The Newlyweds


In case you missed it, I fell off the planet / Goals

Hey World, forvive me for not being around much lately but I swear I have been EXTRA, super busy. With what you might ask? Well wedding stuff of course. It has taken over my life. 9 days and I have 3489572347805617802346 things left to do! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Speaking of wedding days the weather on mine as of today looks like this...

Awesome, Right?

I really really need it to either not rain at all so we can take pretty pictures outside with all the leaves changing and the beautiful, rich colors
it needs to downpour like a mother fucker becuase if it rains a certain amount, my engagement ring is FREE.
So lets make it happen weather.

Anyways, I've been dying to show all of you the progress we have been making on all the wedding details BUT- I've decided im going to do individual posts instead. Not only will it be dramatic and suspenseful but it is alot to look at. It's almost too good to be true that in 9 days I'll be done with cardstock, gluedots, tulle, candles, gowns, tux's and eeeeevvvveeerrrryyyything else. But until then, I hate to say that I'll be missing for a little while longer. Before I go, let me bring you up to speed with how Sept's goals went and what I have in store for October...

September 09 Recap

  1. Actually get up when my alarm goes off: This one went really really well at first. R and I were getting up on the first ring with no problems.... and then things started going downhill from there. I've just been so tired thanks to staying up until forever each night doing wedding stuff! This girl needs some more ZZZ's, or im going to look like the corpse bride :(

  2. Go to the gym 5x a week: HA. This one started out out good as well. I was going to the gym 5 days a week for about 2 and a half weeks and I tapered off. By the end of September both R & I had stopped going all together becuase we were so freakin busy. so gym = epic fail.

  3. Read 2 Books: This one was actually easy. I read 2 books this month: Untamed - the fourth installment of the House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler. Both were pretty good. Both are reads I would recommend.

  4. Cook Dinner 4x a week: While I didnt cook 4x a week every week I did average 2 dinners and a breakfast here and there. I wouldn't say it was a complete success, but I don't think it was a fail either. I'll be posting my favorite recipe later on so you can try it!

  5. Revamp mine and R's resumes: didn't get to it. But in my defense this wasn't really a top priority.

Music on Repeat:
Basshunter, Anna Nalick, and Bob Marley
What I Ate:
bologna & cheese sandwiches with 1 peice of cread and no mayo or butter
homemade pizza
lots of cheese

Favourite Songs:
3 little birds - Bob Marley
Now your gone - Basshunter

Best Movies I Watched:
Love, Actually and Mamma Mia! we watched all the batmans, all the X-Men movies, and are now watching all the Saws, R's choice, not mine.

What I Did:
Bought wedding stuff, made wedding stuff, thought about wedding stuff, dreamt about wedding stuff, etc.

Overall Mood:
So very tired.


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