Dunkin on that Reindeer

Nothing puts me in that christmas spirit like the Nike commercial with LeBron, Kobe & Santa



Wake up in the Mornin feelin like P.Diddy

Hey People!
{loooong time no see}

Lots of things have been happening around here lately, hence the lack of communication. At lease now you know I'm alive.

Okay, where to begin... with a list I suppose, because I love them :)    Here's a glimpse of my December in no particular order...
  • No goals for December- So much to do and soooo little time. I guess the only goal was to make it out alive.
  • I sorta got promoted at work? I've been handling accounts receivable which basically means: sit at my desk and try not to stab myself with a letter opener because it sucks so bad. Actually, what I'm really responsible for is rent entry (over 1,600 units), collections, eviction, calls, sending out all different kinds of notices, and sooo much more. It's completely overwhelming because well, I only have 2 hands. I say its only a kind of promotion because I got no financial compensation. My bosses are dickheads {pardon my french} and keep telling me that I have to go through a trial period to see if I'm a good fit for the position- translation: we don't want to pay you any more money for as long as we possible can. Needless to say I'm frustrated, angry, slacking off because i'm frustrated and angry, bitter, pissed off- you probably get it. The best part is its a mess- NO ORGANIZATION- and I'm supposed to fit it for $9 an hour. Yep, FUCK YOU.
  • On to Happier things... R and I recently made an addition to our family! We now have a very large orange cat. A few Sundays ago, R woke up and decided he wanted a kitten. I made a face {picture yourself trying to eat a lemon... it looked like that} I'm allergic to cats, and I generally dislike them. After talking about it all morning, I finally caved. We stopped at the local animal shelter and fell in love with 2 adorable kittens ($75 per kitten) that were both under foster care, which means that their adoption would have to be approved by their "foster parents". We filled out applications for the kitties and we told the foster moms that we were planning on buying a house. They were concerned the kittens would be put under alot of stress with the move and blah blah blah. While they didn't deny us, they successfully pissed me off-- which resulted in another big FUCK YOU. Instead of dealing with those idiots, we went to the APL, which had no kittens... mostly adult cats. We walked around and I fell in love with Maze- 3 year old orange long haired tabby with me most beautiful golden eyes. Hes mellow, sweet, soft, smells good, basically amazing. The APL prolifes all their animals and he's classified as a "personal assistant" which is exactly how I would describe him. Did I mention he cost us $20?  Suck on That Parma Animal Shelter.
  • We didn't send out Christmas Cards because I was too lazy to write them out, and because I still haven't done our wedding thank you's (bad bad bad) Call me the grinch, I guess.
  • Christmas shopping is complete! Coolest gift I bought for someone this year: Twilight and New Moon in POLISH for Hanna (my mom) She's been talking about seeing the movies, but everyone knows the books are better! They are en route from a Polish bookstore in Chicago as we speak :)
  • I still have a ton of baking to do today :(
  • Somewhere in between last Christmas and present I acquired some serious gift wrapping skills, big improvement from last years gifts... they looked pretty terrible.
  • IM LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB-- hire me!
  • I hearby advise everyone not to waste money on college.... you'll never be able to afford your student loans-- anyone know a someone whose still consolidating?
  • I've gotten really fat since the wedding... absolutely no modivation to change it, just disgust when I look in the mirror.
  • I need to write more in Jan.
  • If you have the opportunity to make your own wine, do it- soo much fun!
  • I really really really want a house, and all my bills to disappear.
I think that about covers it.
Miss you all and talk to you very soon!


Tuesday To-Do's

  1. Cook a fab dinner- Tuscan Chicken w. Rice & Green Beans
  2. Take dogs on walk
  3. Help mom with her online work stuff
  4. Blog about the award I got forever ago
  5. Make chocolate covered pretzels
  6. Sweep/vaccum/mop floors in apt
  7. Do all dishes
  8. Drink some tea
  9. Relax in Japenese Cherry Blossom scented bubble bath
  10. Finish watching Ratatouille
  11. Wait patiently for Christmas to come!


I checked into rehab

Gamers Rehab that is.

You may have noticed my lack of posting-- thats because I was too busy harvesting, feeding, & cooking.

Over the past few weeks, I haven't been reading, blogging/commenting, cleaning, drawing, making, decorating, or spending time with my men (dogs included) BECAUSE I became addicted not only to farmville, but also to fishville & cafe world! Read about it here.

I totally blame my best friends sister myself for releasing the demon within.

Today at exactly 10:17 p.m. I came to terms with my addiction and decided to quit cold turkey.
And just so you take me seriously heres my facebook status (because everyone knows if its not on facebook...its not official)

'Facebook games have taken over my life(pathetic)-- therefore, I HEREBY OFFICIALLY PURGE MYSELF FROM EVERYTHING ZYNGA AFFILIATED.' 


{about a min after I published this, I got 4 farmville gift requests.. which I did NOT accept}

And there you have it... I just cleared up about six hours in my schedule (okay that's me exaggerating- I hope)   



November 09 Recap

  • Send out wedding thank you's. Complete Failure :(
  • Read 3 books. Success! I read: New Moon, The Historian, & Hunted (a House of Night series #5)
  • Get back into the morning routine. We are back to our usual schedule, although I will admit that I occasionally cheat the alarm clock and hit the snooze ;)
  • Eat Breakfast every morning.  I did okay with this. it wasn't an everyday thing like I had planned... I'll keep working on it.
  • Start the couch 2 5k running program.   EPIC FAIL-- Theres always December, right? Better make that January...
  • Walk my dogs more often. I rocked this one! We've been taking the boys out twice a day... and they love it! Not to mention my fat precious Zebbie has totally lost some lbs.
  • Bake something delicious once a week. Nothing too fancy, cupcakes, pies, brownies, etc. but still, I baked!
  • Make myself a fabulous header. In the works.
  • Get a 2nd job. Nothing yet... can't say I've been look that hard.

Music on Repeat:
Benny Benassi, Lady Gaga, MILEY CRYUS

What I Ate:
lots of chicken

lots of starch- potatos, pasta
lots of beer... which explains my sudden weight gain

Favourite Songs:

Tiny Dancer - Elton John/Tim McGraw
Illusion - Benny Benassi

Watcha Say- Jason Derulo
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus

Best Movies I Watched:


What I Did:
Drank beer and got fat... attempted to clean with no success, hated my job.

Overall Mood:
Content but blah it that makes any sense at all

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