Tuesday To-Do's

  1. Cook a fab dinner- Tuscan Chicken w. Rice & Green Beans
  2. Take dogs on walk
  3. Help mom with her online work stuff
  4. Blog about the award I got forever ago
  5. Make chocolate covered pretzels
  6. Sweep/vaccum/mop floors in apt
  7. Do all dishes
  8. Drink some tea
  9. Relax in Japenese Cherry Blossom scented bubble bath
  10. Finish watching Ratatouille
  11. Wait patiently for Christmas to come!


Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Great list - although the cleaning part doesn't sound so fun. I had to do the same thing yesterday. Hate doing it and kept putting it off, but I love clean floors!!

Dinner sounds yummy, & I LOVE choc. covered pretzels!! Enjoy your bath and movie -that is the cutest movie too btw!

Kristin said...

Mmmmmmmmm. Chocolate covered pretzels. I think I need to add those to my bake list!

Lucky in Love said...

2500!! Holy cow....that is a lot of buckeyes! Wow! I wouldn't want to make them again either. Last year I made two batches...and that was even too much for me :)

Holly said...

ahhh i wish i could do #9 right now!