I checked into rehab

Gamers Rehab that is.

You may have noticed my lack of posting-- thats because I was too busy harvesting, feeding, & cooking.

Over the past few weeks, I haven't been reading, blogging/commenting, cleaning, drawing, making, decorating, or spending time with my men (dogs included) BECAUSE I became addicted not only to farmville, but also to fishville & cafe world! Read about it here.

I totally blame my best friends sister myself for releasing the demon within.

Today at exactly 10:17 p.m. I came to terms with my addiction and decided to quit cold turkey.
And just so you take me seriously heres my facebook status (because everyone knows if its not on facebook...its not official)

'Facebook games have taken over my life(pathetic)-- therefore, I HEREBY OFFICIALLY PURGE MYSELF FROM EVERYTHING ZYNGA AFFILIATED.' 


{about a min after I published this, I got 4 farmville gift requests.. which I did NOT accept}

And there you have it... I just cleared up about six hours in my schedule (okay that's me exaggerating- I hope)   


1 comment:

Smilie said...

For some reason farmvill got me too... i'm still catching myself clicking on it and checking if something needs to be harvested or fertilized --- argh :-D