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Without Further Ado...

Presenting the infamous WEDDING INVITATIONS! (dun dun duuuunnnnnn)...


Please don't mind my terrible photography skills... I consider myself pretty crafty but I seriously suck with a camera. Sorry it took me so long, I've been up to my eyeballs in wedding stuff- paper, glue dots, ribbon, etc. I can't wait for it all to END! Speaking of, time to go finish the damn bubbles.


The Work Diaries - Entry 2

I received this little number via fax when I walked into the office this morning and I just couldn't resist...

The company I work for, *** Properties evicted these people and are suing them for non-payment of rent. I swear that I wrote this EXACTLY they way the tenants did. Also, names & addresses have been altered for witness protection purposes haha.

Bobby Ray & Mary Sue
1234 West Your Momma Street
G-Town, Antarctica 00000

Dear G-Town Court,

We are going to court on 1-2-3456. We are being sued by *** Property for not paying rent. We would like to counter sue them for reason. We would like to sue for one mouths rent and are despot. When we first moved in, we moved in to G-Town Club Apartments. The apartment was not ready for us to move in but they let us any ways. A week later they told us we had to move to another apartment. We moved in to the other apartment and they told us they will fix everything that need to be fixed within that week. Every since we move in to that apartment there was nothing but problems. They *** Property had control of the heat during the winter. They did not turn the heat on until the middle of winter. My child was blue during the time when the heat was off. I had to give my child to a baby sitter because it was unsafe for her to be there. Also the hot water was keep getting shut off for days. I also had to give my child to my baby sitter for days because it was unsafe. Another thing that happen was the bath tub had flip over when Bobby Ray and I were taking a shower. It flipped about three times. The last thing is the we were missing the screen window in t he kitchen, we told *** Property many times about it and they never fix it. We told them that we believe that someone was breaking into are apartment and they need to fix they window and they never did. We were so post to have a two bedroom apartment because there was three people living in the apartment and they did not want to give us one, even though they told us we had to have two bedrooms becuase there were three people living there because it is the law. Since we moved in to their apartment we had nothing but problems with them.

Thank you,
Mary Sue & Bobby Ray


Postal Standards

Did anyone know that the minimum size for postcard was 3.5'x5'? I didn't.
Did I mention that the rsvp's I designed were postcard style and were 3.5'x4.5'? Shit.
Did I forget to tell you that before it occured to me to go to the post office and make sure that the rsvp's could be mailed I already stuffed, stamped, addressed, and sealed all the invitations? Yeahhhh.

Needless to say that I was in store for a fun filled Saturday which consisted of:
  1. Post Office Debacle
  2. Buying small envelopes for rsvps
  3. Going home and having a meltdown
  4. Opening all the sealed envelope
  5. Removing all parts of invitation
  6. Seperating all parts into piles
  7. Cutting 3 stamps (totaling 81 cents) off the envelopes
  8. Cutting the stamps off of the rsvps
  9. Printing 150 new rsvps
  10. Putting the new rsvps together
  11. Gluing 3 stamps (totaling 81 cents) on new envelopes
  12. Gluing stamps on the new rsvps
  13. Printing off new labels
  14. Putting new labels on both then invite and rsvp envelopes
  15. Restuffing all the invitation envelopes
  16. Sealing all invitation envelopes
  17. Passing out from exhaustion

I know you must be jealous of the fabulous Saturday I had. Thankfully, after witnessing my oh-so-unclassy meltdown,R took it upon himself to do the most tedious part of the process: cutting out all the stamps. He was truly amazing yesterday and I can't thank him enough. I'd also like to thank my brother for helping as well as my sister, who was gracious enough to take time out of her busy schedule. I never realized how busy you could be at 13... NOT.

Alright so, I SOLEMNLY SWEAR to mail out the invitations TOMORROW! And of course, put up pictures.

As for now... one hour left of work (working on Sundays might be worse than working on mondays) and then its off to Geneva-on-the-lake for a family picnic on R's side, and lots of nieces+one nephew running around like hellians. I hope they're grilling hotdogs :)


The Work Diaries- Enrty 1

I'm sitting at my desk at work. Its about 5000 degrees in the office. If I had balls, I would be "sweating them off right now."

But enough about my nonexistent sweaty balls. The real reason for this post is to express that I love answering the phone here. I love it so much that I have decided to chronicle my favorite work related expirences for all of you to see. I work for a property management company so I deal with alot of tenants/people trying to rent apartments/vendors/etc.. I am convinced that 99.9% of these people are crazy.
So without further ado, here is the first installment of THE WORK DIARIES.

(riiiiiiing) (riiiiiing)

ME: *** Properties, how can I help you?
GUY: "Hi im looking for an apartment, what are your requirements?"
ME: "We have a number of different properties avaliable, I can schedule you an appointment to see one. If there is an apartment you like, there is an application you would have to fill out. There is a $35 application fee which covers your credit check and background check.
GUY: Define background check.
ME: We do not accept anyone with any prior evictions or felonies.
GUY:"Well I have a felony on my record from 10 years ago, that's a long time."
ME:"I'm sorry sir, but you would not be eligible to rent from this company because of your record."


Then, out of no where this guy erupts with anger, calling me very colorful names and claiming that I am racist because I won't rent him an apartment. He proceeds to tell me that my racist behavior is worse than his felony and I should go to hell, and hangs up.

I love answering the phone here.



M.I.A. as in missing in action, which is what I've been the past couple days. It's been a long year for me thanks to R (which is what we'll call the future husband) proposing, me finishing college, D. & I moving into an apartment-moving out-and moving in with my parents, wedding planning, invitation making, bridal showers, work, & the zillion other things that have happened between last July to present.

So here we are, fast forward to August and I have decided that while I have "no time" for anything, starting a blog seems like fun. So, because I was gone for a while after my witty first post, here is my attempt to catch you up to speed:

Last Saturday, R and I had our bridal shower, which was a huge success, aside from the fact that it was supposed to be a BBQ, and it was pouring outside. Warning: attempting to accommodate 65+ women in a small, 3BR ranch will result in FAILURE. Thankfully, these ladies were troopers and everyone had a great time. The food was delicious- ribs, chicken, rice, perogies, salads, steaks, & more variates of pies/cakes/tarts then I can remember. (my mom, who happens to be a chef, catered) I ate: 2 large glasses of wine. We received amazing gifts, my personal favorite being a 12 bottle wine cooler which will look amazing in our beautiful house in Florida-which we have yet to buy; did I mention we live in Ohio? Its in the works. Hopefully.

I've also been slaving over the past 3 weeks on my DIY wedding invitations, which should have been sent out about a month ago. I suck, I know. The wedding is October 10th so I'm a little behind, but the good news is they are finally finished!!!! (pics to come) I just need to mail them out which I SWEAR I will do tomorrow. Again, Hopefully.

Other than that life has been pretty boring: work, bills, errands, grocery shopping, lounging around outside reading, planning dinner every night, & entertaining the kids- R and I are the proud parents of 2 adorable & incredibly sweet dogs. As for tonight's plans: reading, movie, and a promised chocolate fondue for my siblings.

Adieu mon amis...



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