M.I.A. as in missing in action, which is what I've been the past couple days. It's been a long year for me thanks to R (which is what we'll call the future husband) proposing, me finishing college, D. & I moving into an apartment-moving out-and moving in with my parents, wedding planning, invitation making, bridal showers, work, & the zillion other things that have happened between last July to present.

So here we are, fast forward to August and I have decided that while I have "no time" for anything, starting a blog seems like fun. So, because I was gone for a while after my witty first post, here is my attempt to catch you up to speed:

Last Saturday, R and I had our bridal shower, which was a huge success, aside from the fact that it was supposed to be a BBQ, and it was pouring outside. Warning: attempting to accommodate 65+ women in a small, 3BR ranch will result in FAILURE. Thankfully, these ladies were troopers and everyone had a great time. The food was delicious- ribs, chicken, rice, perogies, salads, steaks, & more variates of pies/cakes/tarts then I can remember. (my mom, who happens to be a chef, catered) I ate: 2 large glasses of wine. We received amazing gifts, my personal favorite being a 12 bottle wine cooler which will look amazing in our beautiful house in Florida-which we have yet to buy; did I mention we live in Ohio? Its in the works. Hopefully.

I've also been slaving over the past 3 weeks on my DIY wedding invitations, which should have been sent out about a month ago. I suck, I know. The wedding is October 10th so I'm a little behind, but the good news is they are finally finished!!!! (pics to come) I just need to mail them out which I SWEAR I will do tomorrow. Again, Hopefully.

Other than that life has been pretty boring: work, bills, errands, grocery shopping, lounging around outside reading, planning dinner every night, & entertaining the kids- R and I are the proud parents of 2 adorable & incredibly sweet dogs. As for tonight's plans: reading, movie, and a promised chocolate fondue for my siblings.

Adieu mon amis...

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