The Work Diaries - Entry 2

I received this little number via fax when I walked into the office this morning and I just couldn't resist...

The company I work for, *** Properties evicted these people and are suing them for non-payment of rent. I swear that I wrote this EXACTLY they way the tenants did. Also, names & addresses have been altered for witness protection purposes haha.

Bobby Ray & Mary Sue
1234 West Your Momma Street
G-Town, Antarctica 00000

Dear G-Town Court,

We are going to court on 1-2-3456. We are being sued by *** Property for not paying rent. We would like to counter sue them for reason. We would like to sue for one mouths rent and are despot. When we first moved in, we moved in to G-Town Club Apartments. The apartment was not ready for us to move in but they let us any ways. A week later they told us we had to move to another apartment. We moved in to the other apartment and they told us they will fix everything that need to be fixed within that week. Every since we move in to that apartment there was nothing but problems. They *** Property had control of the heat during the winter. They did not turn the heat on until the middle of winter. My child was blue during the time when the heat was off. I had to give my child to a baby sitter because it was unsafe for her to be there. Also the hot water was keep getting shut off for days. I also had to give my child to my baby sitter for days because it was unsafe. Another thing that happen was the bath tub had flip over when Bobby Ray and I were taking a shower. It flipped about three times. The last thing is the we were missing the screen window in t he kitchen, we told *** Property many times about it and they never fix it. We told them that we believe that someone was breaking into are apartment and they need to fix they window and they never did. We were so post to have a two bedroom apartment because there was three people living in the apartment and they did not want to give us one, even though they told us we had to have two bedrooms becuase there were three people living there because it is the law. Since we moved in to their apartment we had nothing but problems with them.

Thank you,
Mary Sue & Bobby Ray

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