Im Back!

I can't begin to express how amazing it feels to have nothing to do.

R and I have oficially been married for 8 days now and for the past 8 days I have laid around the house, caught up on my tv shows thanks to the internet, read, drank lots of wine, eaten way too much food.

and did I mention slept. alot.

People keep asking me how it feels to be married. I don't think it feels any different. I mean, I've been with R for the past 5ish years, we've already lived together, so it wasn't really that different. I came home from our mini-moon and did 8 loads of laundry. Same old with a little extra bling bling I guess.

But anyways, now that I'm wed I have no more excuses and I promise to actually post on my blog! Oh and I'm also making my big comeback to the gym tomorrow haha. See you tomorrow people!

-The Newlyweds


Kristin said...

Wow, you looked gorg on your wedding day!

Layla said...

Aww!! What an awesome dress!!

You truly looked FAB!! :)

& lol about the laundry. At least you could've gotten a maid for one of the gifts, hmm? ;)

Mireya said...

You are a BEAUTIFUL bride! Can't wait to see recaps!

Holly said...

show more pics!! cant wait :)