September 09 Goals

Happy September all you beautiful people! In honor of a new month and a new season (fall happens to be my fav.), I've decided to try something new, which I borrowed from Margarita at Ramblings of a Fab Brunette.

FYI- This is the first blog I started reading, back before I had my own and I love it! The name "Fab" DOES NOT do it justice, so be sure to pay Margarita a visit and see for yourself.

Alright, no more stalling... lets see what I have cookin for September...
  • Actually get up when my alarm goes off. R and I have really terrible habit of pressing snooze oh about-- 16 times every morning, hence the alarm goes off at 5:40am (see goal 2) and we don't leave the house until 8:10am. So, this month I am going to try and force myself to become a morning person.
  • Go to the gym 5x a week. Hopefully, 3 of these will be in the morning around 6:00am, which is the whole point of the alarm going off so early. R and I have a gym membership that we really suck at using. I've had enough and declared we are getting back into shape! (R's aiming for 3 times a week... he wants to "ease into it", BUM)
  • Read 2 Books. This is out of the norm for me because I read alot. But with the wedding right around the corner, I have a feeling I'm not going to be reading as much as I'd like.
  • Cook Dinner 4x a week. The other 3 days we will be feasting on dinner a la my mom, who happens to be a chef. Sharing a kitchen with that woman is truly painful. Everytime I try and make something its all "wrong! wrong! wrong!" Too much oil, not enough salt, and what's that I smell burning? I swear im not a complete tragedy in the kitchen, she just has very high standards.
  • Revamp mine and R's resumes. There are exciting things in the future... like applying for jobs in Florida and moving if we each land one. Plus, I need a place to put all the goodies I got from the bridal shower, and more importantly I need to get out of my parents house! The key to a good job is a good resume, any suggestions?

Well I think thats pretty good start, after the wedding when I can finally stop worrying about worrying I think it will be alot easier to focus on more goals. Until then, wish me luck loves!



One Sassy Girl said...

Just checked out Fab Brunette's page and loved it. The concept of monthly goals is brills! But 5 days of the gym each week?!! I'm unemployed and I don't even make it that much. Good luck :)

Eyes Wide Open said...

Love the gym goal!!! That is my goal as well...but I find 3 much more manageable!!! Keep the resume to the point and write a most wonderful AND specific to the position coverletter for each and every job you apply for.
You'll get the right one!
Good luck!