It's Just one of Those Days

Right now, I wish I could put everything hold for oh, say, forever and just lay around on my bed in my underwear litsening to the rain with bob marley on repete.

If only it was that easy, right? Tonight, R and I have to go to a dinner with some of the doctors he works with. I believe that his coworkers will be in attencance as well. I'm not really a fan of most of them. On the upside, we are going to a brewery... on the downside, we are going to a brewery. I love beer, but it does me dirty.

Sorry for being so blah. I've just been so tired lately. Maybe it's the weather, maybe its the 6 hours I spent last night tying 200ish bows on wedding bubbles, maybe its my guest list which is spiraling out of control. Can anyone explain how I went from 250 guests to 330 guests? I'm not even really sure I know 330 people. Oh well...

The good news is: R and I got the vases for our short centerpieces for $1 each. I'll reveal that surprise later, darlings :)

I'm also looking forward to this weekend. I took Friday and Sunday off. R and I will be spending most of the weekend in Sandusky with his sister and her beau. Friday we will all be hanging out lakeside and later on we are going to Cedar Point, which is a pretty cool amusement park. Saturday, we are going to his step sisters. Unfortunately, Sunday R and I have to go to this Pre Cana thing catholic people have to go to so they can get married. Im not so sure spending the day with religious fanatics is such a good idea after a wedding.

Luckily, God hates me already so he should understand, Thanks G-Man.

So until then, I'm here in the office, listening to "three little birds" wishing I was lounging around somewhere far, far, away in my underwear.


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Sassy Chica said...

hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend and had some time to rest and relax!

Sassy Chica

congrats on the $1 score for the vases!!