I dream of...


Yes, you heard right. Last night, I had a dream nightmare that Zombies took over the world and were chasing me. Of course, like in all nightmares I was never able to get away.

Clearly, this is a sign... either I really should wear those Zombie Heels under my dress, or this was Michael Jackson's way of telling me that my bridesmaids and I need to dance to thriller at my wedding.

I'm thinking probably both.


Anonymous said...

Funny Zombie story! :) Thanks for the comment on my blog...glad you came to visit!!!

Elise said...

LOVE IT ! This is such a great post and I just had to say hi because your blog is so good.. Really enjoyed my visit so thank you for sharing it and best wishes

Charissa_Lynn said...


Layla said...


Not you too!!!

A bunch of people at a writing forum started with zombie avatars & siggy pics & everyone seems to be obsessed with zombies!!
Enough to give a girl nightmares! :)

Well, lol, do post if you dance to Thriller at your wedding!! :)
/& what the groom will say!!:)/