I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

Do you have HBO?
If you don't, I strongly recommend calling your cable provider


bloody, sexy, violent, funny, frightening, erotic
{take your pick}

This show alone is worth it.

Yesterday was the premiere of season 3
and its gonna be good


rather than tell you about it
I'll simply leave you with this:

{Sundays @ 9 on HBO}

Cause watching it hurts so good.


renew said...


Miss Malbec said...

your getting the same weird spam i am. sad.

i love true blood, but as usual i think the books are much better.

Natalie @ Keep It Sassy said...

Love love love True Blood! I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out I'd be home from school just in time for the season to start so I wouldn't have to try to watch it online!

The real question is...Team Bill or Team Eric?

Natalie @ Keep It Sassy said...

Thanks, lady! :) I used this tutorial from Kevin & Amanda for the custom titles/headers. It's kind of time consuming, but not too hard to do!

And as far as Bill vs. Eric...I can't decide. I was originally team Bill but then he just got boring and whiny. So I guess I'll go with team Jason!