Moving Sucks... I think I'll Procrastinate Instead

Good Evening Friends
I hope your having a fabulous & exciting weekend!

While I should be unpacking the shit that's been strewn all over my new abode, I find myself laying in bed... with absolutely no desire to ever unpack not feeling well.
Everyone knows how to cure a sickness...
Sex and the City and Christmas Ale 
{of course}

{can you really resist a label like that? I didn't think so}

p.s. I STRONGLY recommend getting your New Moon tickets right now... due to many of the showings already selling out.

p.p.s. Don't worry, I already have mine, for the midnight showing of course ;) 

p.p.p.s Have a Wonderful Night, Darlings!


Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Moving does suck SO bad!!! I never like the unpacking part - in fact, I HATE it!! It's up there on my top "Hate with a passion" list! ha ha!

Hope you enjoyed relaxing and watching a good movie! Great minds think a like!

Hope the rest of your unpacking isn't too painful!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

I can't wait to see New Moon!!! My husband and I both read all the books in 2 weeks--incredible! Edward..very exciting.

StaceyEllen said...

I just bought mine tonight for the 12:04 showing in the city that shall night be named.... LOVE YOU!

Jodes said...

Procrastinating with Sex and the City and liquor? Hi, woman leading my parallel life!
I wish we had an aperatif that delicious here - but, we do have a microbrewery that makes raspberry ale.

Thanks for the compliments!
That dog belongs to the family I nanny for - I wish she were mine but a travellers life is no life for a dog.

Thanks so much for the award, girl!
That's really sweet!


ps - did you see taylor swift shouting out taylor lautner on snl?
tooooo funny.