Guess what I got...

The keys to our apartment a week early! After some negotiating with my boss, I decided that I just couldn't wait any longer and I needed them on Monday. So I got them, because I agreed to paint & clean my own apartment (for a free month of rent!)

Was it worth it? Yes... and no. Its great to get to move in earlier, especially because we have such a busy week BUT the previous tenant was disgusting- I have pictures I would post but y'all would probably think I was crazy for agreeing to cleaning this place myself. Yeah, it's pretty bad. But I have faith that with some major TLC & maybe a few miracles, it will feel like home.

So last night we packed up some things: clothes, toothbrushes, shower stuff, bed stuff, my computer, wine, snacks, twilight/sex & the city dvd's etc., drove to Wally (Walmart) and picked up some essintials and headed over to our new place.

I swept the floors, made our "bed" (a ton of comforters and blankets on the floor) set up my computer so we could listen to some tunes and watch movies later on and popped a frozen pizza in the oven. We got to work painting what will be our bedroom after eating some pizza. 15 minutes later I decided that I hated painting walls.

After about 2 hours we were finally DONE with our room, called it quits, and celebrated with some snacks and a bottle of ice wine we got as a wedding gift :) I also convinced R that it would be much easier for him to paint if I wasn't in his way and I started cleaning instead... and because he loves me he agreed- but made me promise I would do the trim. So tonight, I tackle the bathroom with an army of bleach, windex, and about 100 magic erasers.

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Holly said...

hey i woulda done the same thing. a month's free rent is sooo tempting!!