HOW TO BE JESUS (well, at least when it comes to resurrecting your dead house plants)

Let me start off by saying that the average temperature in our apt is 103*F.
They are vintage style suites
which means no A/C during the summer.

As you can imagine, its very HOT.
It's so hot, in fact, that I manage to kill my basil plant almost once a week.
{it gets really dehydrated, and I forget to water it}
I actually killed it about 2 days ago and today it looks like this:


Magic... ok not really.
My mother Hanna actually taught me the trick.

So, Without further ado:
how to revive your houseplants after you've accidentally killed them

1. Fill a bucket, sink or basin halfway with water. (With the container only half full, you won't need to worry about overflow.) Make sure the container is large enough to accommodate the entire pot your plant is in, all the way to the rim.

2.Put the plant (in the pot) into the water-filled container. If the rim of the pot is not covered by water, add more. It's all right if water covers some of the foliage. You may need to weigh down the pot with a brick or a stone to keep it from floating to the surface.

3.Keep the plant in the container until bubbles stop rising from the soil.

4.Keep the plant in the water for at least a half hour after the bubbles stop, to make sure that the soil is completely saturated.

5.Remove the pot from the container and allow the plant to drain.

6. Place the potted plant inside a large plastic bag, and then take another plastic and cover the the top part of the plant (the actual leaves, flowers, etc.)  Make sure the whole plant is covered!! This provides much-needed humidity to the foliage while the roots go back into action.

7. Place the plant in a cool dark area, I usually put mine in a closet. You can leave it in there for a few hours, or days... it all depends on how long the plant takes to revive itself.

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